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Irish Breakfast
A classic blend of black teas (Assam, Ceylon, & Keemun) from India, Sri Lanka, and China.  Bold and malty for an early morning boost of caffeine. 

The Assam in this blend is from Koilamri, Gingia, Beesakopie Estate, Assam, India.  Big, bold, and malty.  The backbone of breakfast blends.
Ceylon is black tea from Sri Lanka.  It is robust with notes of malt and allspice, and is a fantastic base for blends. 
Keemun is black tea from Anhui, China.  One of the boldest black teas, also spelled Qimen.  Nutty and savory.

Pairs well with milk and sugar, great for breakfast!  Strong black teas are able to stand up well with heavier flavors like bacon and eggs or spicy sausage.

Brewing hot: 212F for 5-10 minutes, 2.5g per 12oz water.  Herbal blends can be brewed at high temperatures for longer steep times without issue.

Brewing cold: 6g of tea per 12oz cool water.  Steep refrigerated for 4 hours.  For a gallon of cold brew tea, use 2 - 3oz tea per gallon.

Comes in 1 oz bag.