Roasting Experience at Black Forge 3/13/2021

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Join us for an hour long session of learning our process of roasting coffee from our head roaster.

Please arrive 5 minutes before your timed slot (no earlier) There will be up to 4 people for each session so book for yourself or a group.

Welcome to solo people or up to parties of 4.

We will talk about our coffee process and how it arrives from farm right to your cup and we will roast a coffee with you and you get to bring home 2 lbs of this coffee as part of your roasting journey.

We have enough space for you to sit comfortably by yourself or with the person(s) you are with. There will only be up to 10 people in the room in a 99 capacity space.

Enjoy any Black Forge drink and spend your time talking to us and enjoying your evening.

$100 per person for 1 hour.