Honduras Medium Roast

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Honduras SHG EP El Jaguar Rainforest Certified

Acidity: Low | Body: Average

Notes of: Graham | Almond

COHORSIL, or La Cooperativa de Horticultores Siguatepeque Limitada was formed in 1980 by a group of 12 vegetable farmers.
Their goal was to improve the quality of their produce through transparent administration and achievements to get more
producers to adopt the same principles. Prior to the 1980’s, the main crops that were being cultivated were vegetables in the
nearby mountainous areas, but that had soon changed when the farmers looked to diversify their farms and began growing
coffee. Due to the high altitudes of the farms, they found their coffee to have complex attributes. In 1989 the partners of
COHORSIL began requiring the cooperative to market their coffee and create a coffee division. The desire of the coffee growers
to export their coffee to the international community gave them the edge to maintain and improve the quality of their coffee.

1220 meters


Fully Washed

Combo: Sun & mechanical

NET WT: 12 oz (340g)