Black Forge Coffee Van // S.O.S Tour

Our mission is to help small independent music venues.
Starting January 16th 2021 we head out on the road with the Oddities & Curiosities Expo to start our journey.
In between our major dates with the Expo you can find us at various small businesses, music venues and events across the country selling our merch and coffee.
We are released a special S.O.S Coffee Blend that is only available online and on the road with us. 20% of this sale will be donated to participating music venues/organizations/festivals that are taking part in our mission.
These funds are intended for venues to put towards their revenue loss, expenses and staff.
We are a COVID safe certified business.
At every event we follow the venues guidelines on top of our own guidelines.
Please wear your mask to every event you attend. This is very important if we want to continue to have events back in our lives.
If you are a business and would like to host us please contact us at
We are a small 10 x 10 set up that will fit happily on your sidewalk or parking lot
We just need some electricity to power our set up.
We are touring across the country until Nov 2021 and we would be honored if you could host us in your city.
If you`d like to donate to our mission to help these venues you can here
Sponsored by: Liquid Death