Single Origin Series: Guatemala Lake Atitlan Finca Santo Tomas

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Guatemala Lake Atitlan Finca Santo Tomas

▼ Medium Roast

▶ NOTES: Pear, Brown Sugar, and Milk Chocolate

▶ ELEVATION: 950 Meters

▶ VARIETALS: Caturra

▶ PROCESS: Fully Washed 

▶ DRYING: Patio Drying


Finca santo Tomas Perdido, a family farm in San Lucas Toliman near Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, has been producing specialty coffee, honey, & renewable energy since 1996. Owned by the Torrebiarte family, the farm is currently run by the 3rd generation, Javier Torrebiarte. Continually improving their harvesting and processing methods, the Torrebiarte family has been implementing new sorting processes in the wet mill, such as adding screens in different stages of the milling to improve their top-quality parchment even more. And thanks to the Rio Santa Teresa near the farm, they've been able to reduce their carbon footprint through generating up to two megawatts per hour of hydroelectric power, allowing for self-sufficiency and the selling of surplus power to the national system.

10% of each purchase will be donated to Food 4 Farmers, who help coffee-growing communities strengthen local food systems, promote sustainable farming practices, diversify family livelihoods, and cultivate local leadership.