Single Origin Series: Tanzania Peaberry APK Estate

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Tanzania Peaberry APK Estate

▼ Light Roast

▶ NOTES: Caramel, Lemon, and Milk Chocolate

▶ ELEVATION: 970 to 1380 Meters

▶ VARIETALS: Bourbon, Kents

▶ PROCESS: Fully Washed 

▶ DRYING: Raised Beds

Located in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the African Plantation Kilimanjaro (APK) is made up of four individual farms; Two Bridges, Lyamungo, Mlama, and Kahawa. Owned by Alejandro Galante, a coffee farmer from Antioquia, Colombia, each farm is managed independently. Originally cultivated only on plantations, this coffee was soon adopted by members of the Chagas tribe and is still a main component of the "shamba" (cultivated garden) of every smallholder farmer in the region.

10% of each purchase will be donated to the program Hope for Girls and Women, a collection of safe houses with the purpose of protecting girls at risk, mapping uncharted regions of Tanzania for rescue teams, initiating girls into womanhood without FGM, and educating cutters and community leaders around the impacts of gender-based violence.