Holy Mountain

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Organic Table Mountain Chai

A spiced blend for lovers of Masala Chai who need a break from caffeine. Rooibos from South Africa is the caffeine-free base for cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper, marigold, and cardamom flavor. Rooibos has a sweet and herbaceous taste that makes for a sweeter chai blend.

Pairs with desserts and sweet & savory breakfasts

Brewing hot: 212F for 5-10 minutes, 2.5g per 12oz water. Herbal blends can be brewed at high temperatures for longer steep times without issue.

Brewing cold: 6g of tea per 12oz cool water. Steep refrigerated for 6-8 hours. For a gallon of cold brew tea, use 2 - 3oz tea per gallon.
comes in a 1oz bag