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Duchess Grey
A classic Earl Grey blend of Ceylon and bergamot oil with the addition of lavender and lavender oil.  Takes milk well, and can be used for a Lavender London Fog (Earl Grey latte).
Ceylon is black tea from Sri Lanka.  It is robust with notes of malt and allspice, and is a fantastic base for blends. 

Earl Grey/Duchess Grey is a typical afternoon tea that goes well with tea fare.  Light sandwiches and scones with cream.  Adds a nice citrus/floral twist to a gin&tonic.

Brewing hot: 195F for 5-6 minutes, 2.5g per 12oz water. 

Brewing cold: Brewing cold: 6g of tea per 12oz cool water.  Steep refrigerated for 8 hours.  For a gallon of cold brew tea, use 2 - 3oz tea per gallon.

Comes in 1 oz bag.