Limited Time Pre-order for Our collaboration with Type-O Negative. Includes Tribute shirt and coffee.

All Hallows Eve Sacrament (feat. Type O Negative & Rescue Row)

‘Tis the season of the thinning veil, fall fires, and cruel, cold nights.

There's nothing better than a comfy long sleeve shirt, a dark cup of coffee, and some even darker music. With that in mind, we've mashed up 4 of our favorite Halloween traditions into one monstrosity of a T-Shirt—Type O Negative, Sam Heimer, long sleeve shirts, and coffee.

This Halloween, pumpkins won’t be the only thing grinning once you’ve tasted our seasonal All Hallows Eve Sacrament. There's no need to hate the morning any longer! Through ancient spells we know so well we’ve cooked up this autumnal delicacy, wielding notes of wine and smoke, as a humble tribute to our favorite seasonal depressors, the drab four themselves Type O Negative. Featuring artwork from the amazing illustrator Sam Heimer! Full bodied with a seductive aroma, this Halloween sacrament will warm your departed soul and keep you singing macabre songs and dancing ‘till dawn.

Thanks to the boys in Type O Negative, 10% of your online purchase of any TON tribute merchandise will be donated to Rescue Row Dog Rescue! Join us as we help smol doggos and pay our respects.

Please visit or to get involved and buy officially licensed merchandise. 

Stay Trve, Stay Negative.

(CURRENTLY ON HOLD) Black Forge Roasting Experience

Want to learn more about the coffee you drink and where it came from?

Spend an evening with us at our Roastery in McKees Rocks for an hour long session with our roaster. We will talk about where and how coffee is grown, our roasting process and how it ends up in your cup here at Black Forge.

You will be able to have this one on one experience with up to 4 people at a time, enjoy your favorite Black Forge drink, take home 2lbs of the coffee you just roasted with us and ask us all of the questions! We are here to help you learn more about the beautiful world of coffee and why we are proud of our company.

to book a private session please email

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